About Us


Why We Do It (Our Mission)

Fashion for people . . . Fashion for the planet.

We believe that we are here not only to receive love but to teach love.  StyledU expresses this belief by supporting a community of jewelry professions to share, learn and teach each other, to express their likes and dislikes and what they see as upcoming trends on their very own customizable page.   For us, receiving and teaching love also means that we love and protect our planet.  By eliminating the middleman in the distribution chain, we reduce packaging, we save on shipping, we save time.

How We Work (Our Values)

Our Products

We will work hard to supply products of superior quality, that are reliable and differentiated from what is typically on the market.

Our Vendors

At StyledU, vendors are partners who share the same passion. Vendors can help each other and commiserate with each other. We recognize and respect the diversity among them.

Our Customers

StyledU Customers are wholesalers, retail & volume buyers.
They can curate their own collections through friendly casual communications and their own hard work and passion. Customers can actively share their style preferences in a direct but caring manner. We offer Customers the ability to discover new and distinct possibilities for our products.

Our Website

StyledU provides a B2B market platform which incorporates social networking.  By all retailers participating more directly in the sales and distribution process, individual retailers can gain additional information about product trends and find ways to use individual products in different collections (and bring new meaning to existing products).  Retailers can thereby resolve the dilemma about what to buy, decrease the time, effort and packaging currently spent on the distribution process, and do their part to help the planet as a result.

What We Do

What We Do

StyledU is a truly amazing Online wholesale fashion platform that connects you with premier manufacturers, designers and importers from New York and New Jersey area.

We are proud to bring you the latest trends of products in many brands and styles.

The products include assortment of wholesale bracelets, brooches & pin, earrings, necklaces, rings, accessories, scarves and much more.

StyledU has been in the online wholesale fashion jewelry for over 10 years and has been location in New Jersey for the last 2 years formally. We are here to make sure that every purchase leaves you smiling!